Apostille Legalization Services for Oman

Over the years, Oman has become one of the most important business destinations across the world with employment opportunities in different sectors. An Apostille Certificate plays a leading hand in ensuring that clients do not face any issues while seeking employment opportunities and ensures that credentials of the person are verified before the employer.


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We at the Gulfline Group will guide and help you with the authentication process for Oman. We are the best-ranked service providers for document attestation services across the globe. We have been ISO certified and have been approved by the Embassy to be trustworthy, quick and reliable service providers. Established in 1998, Gulfline Group has made a strong presence since 20 years in the field of certificate authentication.


Certificate Authentication Procedure for Oman

Oman is the member of the Hague Convention since 2012. Hence, the documents required for Oman need not be certified by the Embassy. An apostille certificate is now recognised as the legal document for all the nations of the Hague Convention.
Any document to be accepted in an official capacity in Oman will need an apostille certificate along with the original documents attested by the respective departments from the government. Whether you are presenting documents for employment, business, education, tourism, or relocation, our service will ensure that all your documents are processed correctly for Oman.

What is Apostille Certification?

Apostille attestation of documents is a special service issued for use among the member nations of Hague Apostille Convention. This is accepted internationally for validation and authentication of the documents. With apostille certification all your legal documents including personal, educational, and commercial paperwork will be legalized in both the countries.

The process of apostille certification includes 5 simple steps:

  1. Gathering all the right documents to be attested.
  2. A legal translation by the Embassy of Oman, if required.
  3. Depending on the type of document – notarization of the certificate.
  4. An apostille certificate from the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) will be attached to the legalized document.
  5. When the documents arrive in the destination country before they can be used, the MOFA will check if the necessary stamps are added and if the correct fee is paid during attestation.

How Gulfline Group can help you?

Our apostille service makes the process of authentication simple. Our process includes simple steps:

  • Send us the documents for which you need an apostille certification, along with a copy of your passport.
  • Some of the documents may require solicitor/notary certification before the apostille is issued, we cover this under our service.
  • Apostille is issued for the document from the FCO.
  • Once the apostille certification is done, the complete set of documents will be returned to you.

For Certificates of Marriage, Birth and Death, Work Experience, Registration, Transcription, Memorandum, Invoice, Certificate of Origin, etc. . . .

  • These documents may require a notary approval first.
  • Apostille is given only to the certificates which are checked for validity of the signing person or the seal on the document (also known as legalization).
  • For old documents when it becomes impossible to validate the original document or copy in some circumstances, new documents may be required for authentication.

Requirements for Apostille Certification

For Educational and Employment documents:

  • An educational certificate will be produced to the Foreign office for an Apostille.
  • A solicitor or notary public will sign the document directly or take a copy of the document (if required). Notarizing your documents is not necessary until and unless asked so and it is necessary in the case of a Power of Attorney.
  • In case, you want to the solicitor sign by yourself, if the solicitor you use is known with the Foreign Office then, they will accept the certification.
  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will provide an Apostille to the document.

For Business/Company Documents:

  • Some company or business documents might need to be signed by a solicitor or notary public. However, notarizing is not strictly true unless in the case of a Power of Attorney.
  • Once the document is produced to the Foreign office, the document and the person signing it or the seal on the document will be checked for validity.
  • When your document is deemed genuine, an Apostille will be attached on the reverse of the document, making your document valid for Oman.

However, for every attestation process you will need:

  1. Documents to be attested.
  2. Passport Copy of the individual and also all the concerned person in case of marriage, birth and death certificates.


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