Apostille Legalization Services for Qatar

Apostille Legalization for Qatar from the UK requires documents issued in the UK. The certificates also required to be authenticated in the Qatar Embassy in London. It is better to submit correct documents to avoid delays.


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Certificates need to be Certified

People, planning to move to Qatar for education or work or tourism should process their documents properly attested from the authorities. It’s a series of processes. Please find the below procedure of Qatar Certificate Attestation from UK.

  • All the certificates should be attested from the UK
  • These must need background checks including ACPO, ACRO, Disclosures, Police Letters, and Disclosure Scotland certificates etc.
  • The documents are well checked, certified by an UK solicitor.
  • The FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) from UK will do the Apostille legalization.
  • The documents will be stamped by the Embassy of Qatar, UK
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Qatar

Academic Certificates


To attest the academic documents, Apostille to be done and then make them attested in the Embassy of Qatar.

The following academic documents are attested.

  • Degrees
  • Masters
  • D.’s – Doctorates
  • B-Tech/BE
  • Apprenticeships
  • A LEVEL and GCSEs
  • Professional certificates or membership documents


Besides the above documents, the following documents are also needed to be legalised as per the rule of Qatar embassy in London from June 2016.


  • Passport copy of the candidate
  • Certificate of the course done
  • Final Transcripts/ Mark sheets
  • University Verification letter and Cover letter from the particular educational institute (university or college)


Verification letter confirms the following points-

  • The authenticity of qualification and certificates
  • The form and type of study (e.g. full-time, part-time, distance learning, e-learning, face to face)
  • The place of study and place where the examinations were taken place
  • The awarded title of the issued certificate (e.g. Degree BSc or BA, Masters MA, or Doctorate Ph.D)
  • The duration of the course studied
  • The actual dates of study (start date and end date)


(Please note, Qatar accepts most academic qualifications except Open University documents and any qualification acquired via distance mode or an online programme)



Non- Academic Certificates


Birth and Marriage certificates

  • Only original birth and marriage certificates can be attested for use in Qatar.
  • Do not need to send any copies of these documents.
  • Apply for the Apostile and attestation at the back of your original documents or official registry certificates.

Sponsoring a Spouse

  • If you are taking your spouse to Qatar, you have to get their documents attested. So that, they can get spousal visas.

Business documents

  • Commercial documents that are related to a business or the UK Company are processed in a different way. For this, the documents from The Arab British Chamber of Commerce and the FCO are required.


Criminal Record Checks

To join a new job, the employee must need a criminal record check and these must be completely attested for Qatar.

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