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Benefits mandating Apostille Legalisation of documents

The concept of Apostille Legalisation and Authentication of a variety of important documents, certificates from the educational institutions, companies; the sales deeds for transfer of ownership and even the agreement between the entities is common since many years. Furthermore, when the subsequent documents would be supposed to be used abroad, the documents need to be attested by the concerned authorities in their legal jurisdiction. The authenticity of the documents has to be certified by the authorities in the respective country. The process of document attestation reflects its genuineness. We, at Gulfline Group assist our clients to get their certificates and important documents attested in time; through our Apostille Legalisation Services.

Apostille of the documents is important to the document in the nations that are part of The Hague Convention’s Apostille Section. The authenticity of the signature is verified through this one page long document issued through the concerned authority with the Great Seal of State along with the facsimile signature of the authority issuing this document.

Eventually, Legalization of the document makes it suitable for its use in a foreign country. When a document is legalized, it shows that the format of the document is precise, the document was issued by an expert and competent authority and the seal and signature on the document are genuine.

Gulfline Group offers Authentication of the clients’ documents so that the officials or authorities in foreign countries would recognize the authenticated document as a valid copy for various official purposes.

With our network of offices at various international locations and the well-designed support system, we can get any type of required documents attested or legalized for the convenience of our clients and hence committed as per the mutually agreed delivery schedule.

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