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Gulfline Group can help you with certificate attestation processes and requirements from India, GCC, and rest of the Gulf Region, USA, Europe, and Canada. It is an authorized service provider of Certificate Attestation for Australia in India and is approved by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India for collection and delivery of documents/certificates meant for Australia Embassy Attestation.

People, planning to move out of Australia for education or work or tourism should process their documents properly attested from the authorities. There are many ways for Australia embassy attestation. It’s a series of processes. The authorities are focused only on the Ministry of foreign affairs attestation locally. But to get that all the other attestations are required.

Please find below the procedure of Australia certificate attestation and work process of Gulfline Group.

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Required documents for Australia certificate attestation

  • Original educational Certificate
  • Passport Copy (Attestation can be done on Original or Copy)
  • Declaration form
  • Power of Attorney (if required)
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Divorce Certificates
  • Legal Higher Ship
  • Medical Certificates
  • Transcript
  • Bona–Fide
  • Document of Export and Import
  • Company Invoice & Memorandum Articles

Types of certificates need to be attested.

  1. Educational certificate: Certificate attestation for Australia is done to show the successful completion of the study of the students.
  2. Non-educational certificate: These types of certificates are attested to show certain individual information.
  3. Commercial document: A financial document is attested to show the authentication of ownership, asset details, property rights, liabilities etc.

Educational Certificate:

  1. To provide an employment visa, academic documentation is required.
  2. This documentation will help medical practitioners to attend MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Healthexaminations in abroad.
  3. It will help pursue higher education from Australia and thus you need Australia embassy attestation certificates.

Commercial Document:

  1. To sell a property in Australia, the concerned person should attest required power of attorney from the particular embassy.
  2. Commercial document attestation is also needed to open a foreign bank account.
  3. This documentation is also compulsory to start a new business branch in abroad.

Non-Educational Document:

  1. To get a family visa and residence visa, documents such as, marriage certificate and migration certificate are needed with Australia embassy attestation.
  2. To get a job in a company of Australia, every person requires submitting an attested experience certificate in the destination country.

Steps of Attestation:


  • Notary Public – (Australia)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs – (Australia)
  • Embassy Attestation – (Australia)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – (Intended to use country)

Work process of Gulfline Group:

  • We do certificate attestation for Australia and fulfil the authentication needs according to the requirements of Australia.
  • We provide quality and professionally managed reliable certificate attestation services.
  • Our work is fast and reliable and deliver certificate after attestation through our extensive partner network across the globe.

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