UK Certificate Authentication for Kuwait

What is Legalization?

The document legalization (called attestation/authentication in some countries) is a legal requirement when you are required to have your document/certificate officially recognized by the same country.

Document legalization is a process to verify original documents pertaining to the applicant’s personal, educational and employment qualifications. When a document is legalized, all the concerns regarding the authenticity of the documents are removed.

Every country has its own legalizations requirements and regulations. Some common documents that require legalization are Education Certificates, Business Contracts, Export Documents, Marriage/Birth Certificate, and Medical Certificates and others.

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Legalization Procedure with Gulfline

Once you get in touch, our advisors will first explain the legalization process to you. You will be provided with the details about all the documents that you need to submit. They will be ready to answer any query that you may have in this regard. After explaining all the available options, we will hand over a detailed quote according to the scope of the work involved.


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Kuwait Embassy Certificate Legalization in UK

Kuwait Certificate Attestation is a complete procedure and guidelines laid down by the Kuwait Embassy should be followed strictly.

  • At Gulfline, we help to make this Certificate Legalization task a smooth one and get your certificates attested as per existing regulations in Kuwait. Certificate attestation is an everyday job for us.
  • We offer services for documents, Apostille, Document Translation and Notarization of Documents.
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  • We have a global partner network and we can get your certificates attested, whichever be the country you come from.
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Kuwait Certificate Legalization

If you are planning to move to Kuwait to work there or conduct business, different documents have to be attested by the Kuwait Embassy in the UK. These may include University Certificates, Marriage and Birth Certificates, Company Documents and Other documents.

The government of Kuwait has made it compulsory for any certificate – personal, professional, or educational issued in the UK to be attested by the Notary, Common Wealth Department Kuwait Embassy in the UK. After this procedure Certificate is granted for Kuwait visa for the purpose of employment or residency. Certificate attestation is a proof that the documents are authenticated and legalized for use in Kuwait.

Certificate attestation in Kuwait authenticates the certificates as true copies and decreases chances of any fraud.

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Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Given below are the different documents for which we provide end-to-end legalization services for documents that can be used in Kuwait. Our services entail the following procedure:

  • Certification by the solicitor (in cases where required)
  • FCO Apostille Certificate
  • Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Firstly you have to determine whether your certificate needs to be certified by the UK solicitor. In case it is so, we can get that done for you.

The following original documents require no certification from the UK solicitor prior to Kuwait Embassy attestation.

  • UK Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates
  • HM Court Papers (if already stamped with wet ink)
  • UK Divorce Papers (if already stamped with wet ink)
  • ACRO Police Documents (if already signed)
  • Documents that are Already Notarised
  • Adoption Certificate

The following original documents require UK solicitor’s certification. That is, the original document needs to be certified by a UK solicitor before the Kuwait Embassy attestation.

  • Educational Certificates & Training Certificates
  • Passports/Driving Licenses
  • DBS /CRB Certificates (Unsigned)
  • ACRO/Disclosure – Scotland Certificates
  • Non-Public Documents

Business Documents

  • Company Papers
  • PoA and Agency Papers
  • Export Documents

Commercial documents are complex and dealt with in a special manner. Our advisors may initially review the documents before you place your service request with us.

Our charges for service requests depend on whether the certificate needs to be certified by the UK solicitor or not prior to the Kuwait Embassy Attestation. The charges are also dependent on the time frame within which the certificates are required by the applicant. The charges are higher when the chosen time frame is small. The VAT charges are extra.

In the case of business documents, it is required that the applicant gets a quote from us. This is dependent on the type of documents as well as the time frame within which the applicant needs the UK document legalized.

Certificate Authentication / Legalization

Certificates/Documents that require embassy attestation have to be attested by two other entities in advance. This includes a solicitor attestation and then by the British Foreign Office (FCO). The Kuwait embassy can legalize the certificates/documents only after authentication by these two authorities.

For attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuwait, the original certificates, their true copies and a copy of the passport of the individual has to be submitted. The attestation of certificates takes varying amounts of time. The factors that determine the time are the nature of the document submitted for attestation and the number of working days that are available.

The Authentication procedure involves the authentication of the signature on the document that has been submitted. After due examination, the certificate is stamped as a genuine one.

At Gulfline, we are supported by an Expert team that can carry out the Kuwait Certificate Attestation process smoothly and easily.Our Company has been offering services to individual clients as well as corporations across the globe. Our services are reliable and hassle-free and are available at competitive rates.

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