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Document Authentication and legalization is one of the most important and prominent formality if somebody wants to go abroad for studies or job. Now from many kind of Authentication of documents and Legalization, one prior thing is Attestation. The Attestation generally refers to the authentication of the educational documents. Whenever someone wants to go for higher studies or for a job in abroad, they are asked for the proof of the educational qualifications. Now as a proof we have to show our Attested Certificates.

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Certificate attestation for UAE is required in order to obtain Employment Visa, Family Visa, School admission, Labor card processing, Higher education, Medical purposes and Visa designation. Attestation process is not the same for all documents. UAE has now emerged as top rated nations in the world with lots of potentiality and opportunities that attracts every youngster to have their dream career. Since there are lots of immigrants taking up employment and many companies hire more employees, the procedures to secure employment visa has become a tedious task. UAE is one of the strict countries who stick on to their rules and regulations for every procedures involved. This makes attestation a mandatory process for obtaining employment visa.

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UAE Embassy Attestation is the procedure of authenticating a document by an authorized person, a department or an authority using their seal and signature.
If you are moving to the United Arab Emirates for employment, returning to Dubai after studying in the UK or need to handle legal matters in the UAE then you will probably need to get your documents attested/legalized by the UAE embassy.
Please note the following:
–   The Embassy will not be able to legalize foreign documents.
–   All submitted documents have to be attested separately.
–   Documents issued by ACRA must be separated and charged separately.

The required documents are listed below:

Attest all education certificates and non-educational certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and all other UK issued documents.

Document checks and solicitor certification included.

Apostille from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)

UAE Embassy attestation stamps.

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