UK certificate attestation is an important activity, because of the following important reasons:

  • It helps in pursing Higher Education.
  • To get the Employment/labor Visa.
  • To Migrate – if you are planning to settle abroad, and also you can have Visa for your kid, wife and even for your in-laws.
  • You could easily admit your child to any institution
  • If you are someone from the Healthcare background, a Doctor, Pharmacist or a Nurse, then you could easily write your DOH and MOH.
  • It becomes easier for you to sell property in your home country and if you are planning a removal from a LLC partnership then you could easily do that.
  • You also need it for Company registration and also for opening up a bank account.

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What is an Apostille?
Apostille, includes legal signature and the seals on your documents that is being done by the public authority of the home country so that it is be recognized in those foreign countries, which are a part of The Hague Convention Treaty.

The Types of Document you will Need for Certificate Attestation from UK
State Issued Documents includes certificates such as

  • The Marriage
  • The Birth
  • The Death

Notarized Documents includes:

  • Power of Attorney,
  • Long Distance Agreement and
  • The Medical documents.

Other Documents includes:

  • The Educational
  • Business and
  • The Personal documents.

Procedure for Attesting UK Certificate

In order have your UK certificate attested; you need to go through the following process:

  • You need to have a solicitor verification from UK
  • You will also need Apostille by the Foreign Common Wealth Officer or by the FCO from UK
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if you are intended to use it to another country
  • Other countries, except for the one included in the Hague Convention Treaty, especially the middle-east countries, Embassy Attestation from UK

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