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With us starting a business in Canada is as easy as plucking a maple leaf. All you have to do is reach out for it. Leave the rest to us.

  • It’s time to think about some serious business.
  • You can concentrate on setting up the business while we will work on incorporation.
  • We strive to complete the company registration in Canada before the target date.

Canada has a liberal culture and they sign Free Trade Agreements with a number of countries worldwide. A Canadian can easily get license to trade globally.

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Canada- The best investment destination

Canada is a one of the wealthiest countries, and the economy is dominated by the service industry. It is a great place to do business. The strong FDI attraction strategies of Canada will enable the entrepreneurs to set up and expand their business in Canada. New federal organizations have been dedicated to attract global investment and simplifying the process for global business to make Canada their new home.

Reasons to Invest in Canada

  1. A welcoming safe and competitive business environment.
  2. A Low Tax, Low business cost Environment
  3. A regionally diverse economy with multi-sectorial opportunity.
  4. A wealth of natural resources.
  5. An unparalleled access to markets.
  6. A cost – competitive R &D Environment
  7. A diverse, skilled and highly educated workforce.
  8. A stable banking system and strong economy.
  9. A focus on innovation and new technologies
  10. A culture of social progress and economic freedom.
  11. A gateway to North America and the world.
  12. A great place to invest, works, lives and prospers.

Register your Business in Canada

If you are a non-Canadian and would like to register your foreign business in Canada, as the very first step, you will need to choose which province or territory you wish to register in.  It will be based on what city in Canada that you wish to conduct business. By foreign business, it means that company or business that has been incorporated in another country other than Canada.

If you are planning to do business across Canada you will have to register in each of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada individually.

It is advisable to evaluate closely the population of Canada to conclude the best region in which to setup your business.  Ontario is the largest commerce centre with over 13 million people.  British Columbia comes second with over 4 million people.  The rest of the provinces have less with the exception of Quebec which operates in the French language.

Steps to register your business in Canada

  1. Select Corporate Jurisdiction
  2. Select Corporate Name
  3. Determine Corporate Name Availability
  4. Complete Articles of Incorporation
  5. Submit & Register Articles of Incorporation
  6. Purchase Corporate Seal & Minute Book
  7. Complete Corporate By-Laws, Organizational Minutes & Issue Shares
  8. Obtain Other Permits & Licenses
  9. Set Up Bank Account
  10. Start Your Business!

This list is intended to describe the basic steps required to create a corporation, however it is not exhaustive, and certain other steps may be performed simultaneously.

Different Choices to Register a Foreign Business in Canada

Registering a Foreign Limited Company in Canada

This service provides for registration of a foreign limited company in the Selected Jurisdiction of Canada (i.e. a company or business that has been registered in a country outside of Canada that wishes to carry on business in Canada).

AGENT/ATTORNEY FOR SERVICE – All foreign companies that wish to register in Canada must have an agent or attorney for service who resides in Canada and most importantly within the province or territory in which the company is being registered.  This is either a company or an individual, who will be able to receive correspondence on behalf of the company. This individual does not have to be an attorney.  If you do not have someone who can act as agent for service within the province or territory in which you are registering we will be able to provide you with a person who can act on your behalf.

CERTIFICATE OF STATUS – A Certificate of Status shall be obtained from the home jurisdiction of the company that is being registered.  This certificate is to be furnished by the individual/company who is availing this service. We will guide you on how you can obtain this certificate for us.

FEDERAL BUSINESS NUMBER –It is mandatory for all foreign company registered in Canada to obtain a Federal Business Number which is a 9-digit number. If the company will be importing or exporting goods in or out of Canada will need an Import/Export Number.  Further if the worldwide sales of the company are over $30,000 it will be required to have an HST/GST number and charge taxes on its sales in Canada.  When applying for a Federal Business Number with us we will also obtain for you the Import/Export and GST/HST numbers if needed.

Register a Foreign LLC in Canada


To register a limited liability company in a province in Canada, it may require the following:

Government Fee: This fee is for preparing the documents

Agent for Service: Except for Ontario, it is essential to have an individual living in the province in which you are registering act as agent for service to receive correspondence

Register a Branch Office in Canada (Extra-Provincial Registration)

For start a branch office in Canada, you will require:

  1. A foreign company registers to conduct business in a province of Canada
  2. An agent for service, who resides in that province and an address is required in that province (We can provide you with this service)
  3. Harmonized Sales Tax/Goods & Services Tax (HST/GST) is required to be charged on all sales/services in Canada when the company’s worldwide sales are over $30,000.
  4. Registration differs depending on your company is a limited company or LLC.
Register Foreign Business in Canada – Competition Bureau

To start certain businesses in Canada may need to obtain an opinion from the Competition Bureau before starting business in Canada, especially, multi-level marketing companies.  The requirements under the Competition Bureau relate to the Competition Act.  To submit a request to the Competition Bureau, your company will be required to have a Canadian resident submit the request for a written opinion.  The Competition Bureau provides a fee for this service.  We will be able to provide you with a Canadian attorney who will be able to give you guidance on the requirements of the Competition Bureau

Extra-Provincial Registration

A corporate that is registered in a jurisdiction outside of Canada shall open a branch office in one or more of the provinces or territories in Canada or it can register in all of the provinces and territories.

The four types of extra-provincial registrations in Canada:

Extra-Provincial Registration of a Foreign Company

Extra-Provincial Registration of a Foreign LLC

Extra-Provincial Registration of a Foreign LLP

Extra-Provincial Registration of a Foreign Non-Share Company (Charity)

Other Registration Requirements
Name Search Report

All provinces and territories will ask you to provide a name search report.  We will help you with execution searches of your company’s name in order to ensure that there are no other companies in Canada that have the same or too similar name.  .

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