Company Formation Services in Canada

Canada today stands as one of the premier destination for various Trade, Business and Commercial Activities. Some of the features that make Canada a prospective Business Destination are as follows

  • Presence of Large market
  • Better Connectivity to different parts of the world
  • Stable Financial Infrastructure
  • Presence of qualified and educated Professionals.



We are one of the leading pioneers in providing effective services for company formation in Canada and provides necessary guidance and support. With a network of branches across different parts of the world, we have been able to connect with different clients and helped them with their difficulties and queries.

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Canada has been a favourite destination for migrants due to it’s immense cope for higher education and business opportunities . It is a go to destination for entrepreneurship and has had a positive impact on the different job sectors by providing ample of opportunities in the field of Information technology ,finance ,etc.


  • Company Formation Services
  • PR Services
  • Registration Renewal Services
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Certificate Attestation Services



  • The Memorandum of the company should be submitted along with the addresses of the registered offices and record office.
  • It mandates every business to keep a share of directors , shareholders and securities at the registered office.
  • They are also required to receive a Bank account and Business Number for taxation , imports and exports .
  • The companies are bound to register with the Canada Register Agency(CRA) to file corporate business laws .
  • The CRA also handles payroll deductions ,GST as well as harmonised tax sales .


The most popular form of Company formation is Incorporation method which is highly flexible and business friendly .Some of the benefits of Incorporation are as follows

  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Limited Liability
  • Lower Tax Rates
  • Better access to capitals and grants

Incorporation method in Canada is the legal separation of individuals from their companies and enterprises . Theoretically , the owner of an incorporated company can be held responsible for debts , obligations and acts of the company . Also incorporation allows the company owner to pass the business in their family which is difficult in other forms of businesses .


Gulfline Group has been one of the best agencies that ensured quality ,affordability and efficiency for it’s clients. Also Gulfline Group has an experienced set of staff that has managed to provide efficient services for the clients across the globe .This has helped the agency to know about different requirements of the clients and has helped to connect the different global markets in a better manner . Company formation in Canada has become much easier and hassle free with the help of staff from Gulfline Group that has strived for a better , efficient and affordable services for every section of the society.

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