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Interested to start your business in Kuwait? Go through the most effective ways for Company Formation in Kuwait, the diversity in the legal framework of the companies in Kuwait and the requirements to start your ventures in Kuwait:

  • We assist you to register your company in Kuwait, according to the regulations
  • We assist you in the challenging task of finding a local partner or a sponsor for your business in Kuwait
  • We serve as your strategic partners in the business setup and fulfilling subsequent requirements according to the regional law,
  • We also assist you to acquire tax registration and the desired licenses from the concerned authorities in Kuwait.   

You can look out for the convenient steps to register your business/ company in Kuwait. We are at your service all the times for the variety of services comprehensively listed here.

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Being located in the Middle East region that is the Western part of the Asian continent, Kuwait, that is popularly known as ‘the State of Kuwait’ is among the fastest growing economies in the region. Iran & Saudi Arabia are the neighbours of this nation geographically as it shares the boundaries with these countries. Arabic is the primary and official language use by the native Kuwaitis. The currency used in Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Dinar has a greater value across the globe. The major part of the population of this country is formed by the migrants from various countries from the different parts of the world.

There are various stringent norms enforced by the Kuwaiti government regarding ‘Formation of Company in Kuwait’. However, the government also encourages foreign investments in diversified sectors and that is the reason; the entrepreneurs from across the world consider Kuwait as the center of commerce. The economic growth of Kuwait majorly relies on the Oil & Gas sector. At the same time, several other sectors such as the agricultural and allied industries, financial services, real estate and infrastructure development sectors also form greater role in the economic growth of Kuwait.

FCO guide to Legalisation of documents and procuring Apostille Certificates

FCO has the authority to legalize documents and issue an Apostille. Legalization of documents involves getting a certificate of genuineness from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the stamps and signatures in the document are authentic. On the other hand, issuance of an Apostille certificate exempts it from legalization and is accepted by all the signatories of the Apostille Treaty. In certain cases, a document needs to be both legalized and has an apostille certificate attached to it.

Guide to Utilizing FCO Legalisation from the UK

FCO legalisation service has a simple process to get the documents authenticated. It can be easily understood by every person and implemented.

Here is the guide to utilizing the legislation services offered by FCO.

  • Submit the documents which the FCO offers for legislation. Make sure to submit all the details required.
  • Check whether all the required paperwork is complete.
  • Make the requisite payments through business cheques, post orders, or online payment channels.
  • Download the application from the FCO website, fill it, and mail it to FCO along with the requisite documents.

License Registration

Businesses require various additional licenses that need to be obtained in a timeframe.


Promise on Quality and Reliability

Our highest priority is in ensuring our commitments are met, and we deliver our promises on time. Hence, you can be assured that your company formation activities will be completed on time, as per your requirements.

Legal Framework of the company

It is essential to decide the proposed legal structure of the company being established in Kuwait, or the expanded branch of the existing business in any other part of the world, before initializing the process of company formation. Though ‘Limited Liability Company (LLC)’ is the commonly used form of most of the companies in Kuwait; there are several other legal structures to start the business in Kuwait depending upon the nature and the sector that the business belongs to.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This legal form of the company in Kuwait is also known as “With Limited Liability” (WLL). Being the simplest and the most convenient form of company, the LLC must have a Kuwaiti local partner or sponsor with 51% share and this partner can serve as the secretary, manager or both. Though there were many revisions in the policies, presently the foreign entities cannot own the majority share in the ventures.

As the Kuwaiti partner is involved, this form of business is non-taxable. The corporate tax is applicable to the foreign companies and they are restricted to deal in the insurance sector.

General Partnership Company in Kuwait

The Article 33 to 55 derives the norms for governing the General Partnership Companies in Kuwait. The partners would have unlimited liability that may include their personal wealth as well. At least two Board of Directors or promoters would be required to form such company and there is no maximum limit to the number of members.

The name of the company needs to include the titles of the partners. There are no limits to the capital investment. This form of company cannot start the business in insurance and banking sectors in Kuwait.


Limited Share Partnership Company in Kuwait

This form of company can be formed by any number of foreign nationals including one Kuwaiti partner. The partnership deed is supposed to be signed and registered mentioning the roles of the partners, their capital investment, profit or loss share and other parameters.

In case if the details are not specified in the partnership deed, it would be assumed that all the partners have equal rights and responsibilities and the taxes would be paid according to the financial status of every partner.

Holding Company Formation in Kuwait

This type of companies can be incorporated with a motto to invest in the foreign or domestic businesses through various modes of investments such as shares, stakes, units, funds and contribution in incorporation. Such type of a company can be formed as sole partnership, Closed Share Partnership or LLC.

We offer consultancy to determine the probable structure of a holding company that would be profitable for you in many ways. We also assist you to form your company according to this legal framework.

Public Shareholding Company in Kuwait

This can be the ideal form of the business for the interested ventures looking for the third party investment through an Initial Public Offering and planning the larger scaled projects. The theme of these businesses would require large investments and a long term for making an adequate profit through the markets.

At least three members on the Board of Directors and the approval from the Kuwait Ministry of Commerce & Industry would be essential to form this type of business.

Joint Venture Company in Kuwait

The Article 57 in the Kuwait Companies Law governs such companies that need a simple contract. The third entity needs to be formed to transact in Kuwait as the Article 57 doesn’t allow the Joint Ventures to operate on their names.

This can be the collaboration of two or more business entities working together on the common business objective and thus, this can be dissolved as the target would be achieved.

Representative Trade Offices in Kuwait

Foreign Direct Investment is attracted in Kuwait, allowing the foreign companies to get commercial registration for their firms for their Representative Office in the country. However, this entity cannot get engaged in profit-making activities.

The foreign companies can promote their businesses through the Representative Offices appointing a local Manager. Special approvals from KIPDA are required to expand FDI. We help you in formation of the company and other crucial documentation.

Commercial Agencies in Kuwait

The foreign companies can acquire their legal presence in Kuwait without engaging a local partner subject to onetime capital investment. The Article 36 of 1964 governs the formation and operations of such companies.

A commercial agent of the parent foreign company would be appointed in Kuwait that works and operates on behalf of the company. These companies are liable to pay an annual tax and based on their corporate gains in Kuwait filing the yearly tax returns.

Branch Offices in Kuwait

The companies operating financial or engineering businesses with the parent company in any of the GCC nations, or owned by a person from the Gulf Region can register their Branch Office in Kuwait. The businesses can also setup a branch Office in Kuwait, gaining approval from KIPDA.

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