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You can get to know the most effective ways to start a business in UAE, various forms of legal structures of the companies in UAE, and regarding the requirements to form the company in UAE.

  • We assist you to Register the firm
  • We help you to find a Sponsor or Local Partner in the UAE
  • The complete set of Documentation for Business Set-up in UAE would be accomplished in time through our professionals
  • We also assist you to register for Taxes and various Licenses from the concerned authority.

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About UAE

Being a federation of seven Emirates, The United Arab Emirates is among the fastest growing economies in the Middle East region.  Saudi Arabia & Oman are the neighbours of this country sharing the regional borders; while Iran & Qatar share their nautical borders with this country up.

The UAE has a strategic importance for international trading as the trading agencies from different parts of the world such as China, Latin America, Europe & India utilize this as the hub for their trading businesses.


About Our Company

We have its strong presence in the UAE for the last two decades and we are the most preferred service providers for the corporate clients to acquire their crucial documents related to various government authorities at every step of the business including UAE company formation.

Company Formation Steps in the UAE:

The process of Company Formation in UAE is crucial and we assist our clients to complete the procedures in a step by step manner adhering to the timeline. The entities willing to start their ventures in the UAE need to follow these steps:

Finding A Partner

To acquire the fundamental licenses for starting a business in UAE, finding a local partner or sponsor is mandatory. We help the clients in this regard utilizing the contacts in the business era in this country.

Office – Warehouse:

As most of the businesses would be involved in trading, the entities need to specify the location of their office and warehouse and get the approvals for the same in order to operate smoothly in the UAE. We assist the clients in finding the suitable properties and registering the office and warehouse for the business purposes.

Trade License:

In order to register a company, the business entity needs to get the trade license from the government authorities stating the materials that would be traded. There can be restrictions regarding the nature of the materials that can be traded in the region.

Initial Approval:

As the framework and the nature of the proposed venture in the UAE are determined, the entities need to get the initial approval from the concerned authorities. We deploy the talented and committed workforce to accomplish the paperwork on behalf of the clients.

MOL & DNRD Registration:

The approval from the ministry of labor for appointing the labor and the employees for administrative activities is another important step. Similarly, acquiring permissions and allotting the Work Permit & Visa to the employees are also essential through DNRD.

Affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce:

We would take the application forward along with the supporting documents to seek the affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce. This would be subject to a renewal after a stipulated time period.

Legal Structures of the Company

If you are keen to set-up a business in the UAE, it would be better to have an expert like us on your side. With our extensive experience in the local businesses and the complete knowhow of the local regulations, we can help you to select the most appropriate legal framework for your company depending upon the sector and the nature of business, along with your business aspirations.

Limited Liability Company (LLC):

According to the Article 227 of the Commercial Company Law of UAE, the restrictions regarding the minimum requirement of the share capital are eliminated now. The ownership of the business should be with a UAE national bearing minimum 51% of the shares. Minimum 2 to 50 shareholders can join together to form this kind of business.

Due to the high share of a local partner the company would enjoy the tax benefits. It is not mandatory to share the profits according to the share of ownership. The local partner can be given a fixed fee and the rest of the profit can be shared among the other shareholders.

Branch Office:

Any foreign parent company can set-up a branch office in the UAE with the 100% ownership with the parent company. This is the appropriate format of business for the companies dealing in financial products and engineering. The parent company is held liable for all the business operations of the branch office and the branch office would be treated as just an extension of the existing business entity.

Commercial Agencies:

This is the ideal form of business for having a legal presence and avoiding the physical presence of the company abroad. This type of company can be established entering into a contract with a fully owned UAE company.

The agents can register with the Economy & Commerce Ministry of UAE to avail the rights to import the goods and getting commissions on the sales made as well.

Representative Office:

This can be a wholly owned business entity by the foreign investors with the complete control. However, these offices are supposed to only promote & market the parent company’s business in the region and not to indulge in any profit-making activity. The commercial registration and the name of the foreign company would be essential to operate such business in UAE.

General Partnership Company:

Two or more UAE nationals can form this type of company through a legal agreement specifying their liability of the company and their personal wealth. The name of the company should include the names of the partners. The partners would have the rights to make the necessary administrative decisions. The partners can even appoint a third party for management. Any of the partners can start a business and if it fails, not only the particular member, but the company would be declared as bankrupt.

Limited Share Partnership Company:

The active partners participating in the administrative and routine activities and the silent partners that invest the capital form this type of company. The active partners would be liable for their personal wealth; whereas the silent partners would be liable for their share in the capital; unless a silent partner starts a venture in the Limited Share Partnership Company’s name.

If the general partners are UAE citizens, the commercial registration can be made in the UAE; and the foreign investors can work as the silent partners. The name of the company should contain the names of the partners and some words that explain the theme of the business. The company can be formed with a minimum capital of 500,000 AED.

Holding Company:

The motto of this kind of business would be investing and even gaining control over the other businesses. Its incorporation can be made in any of the seven states and the foreign nationals and local UAE nationals can form such a company with minimum one member of the Board of Directors for strategic decision making. This business can operate subsidiaries in the country, but cannot enter into manufacturing of goods and providing services.

Public Share Holding Company:

The company can be formed for getting huge investments through public subscription with the equal shares traded through the stock exchange. At least 10 founder members need to sign a Memorandum of Association with a minimum capital investment of 10 million AED. The shareholders would be liable for the amount they share in the company.

Joint Venture:

Two or more entities, out of which, one should possess a UAE license, can come together to form a Joint Venture, without any legal identity in the country. The partner companies agree to the sharing of the profits and losses and the trading activities would be conducted as per the decisions of the company. Even a foreign national is allowed to hold a share in the Joint Venture and indulge in the administrative and managerial decisions. Thus, the foreign investor can avail the benefits of a local business through the Joint Venture in UAE.

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