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Over the years, Notary Attestation & True Copy Attestation has become one of the top most availed services and has played a leading role in helping various clients in availing jobs in reputed firms and companies. It has helped expats in settling down in their professional career without facing any issues or hassles.


This is an important question that always alerts the minds of clients before availing our services. We have an efficient support staff that provides required guidance and assistance for clients in availing notary attestation services. We completely ensure full co-operation with the needs of the clients and ensure top most priority to the needs and requirements of clients.

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If you are planning for higher studies in USA or Canada, and looking for reliable agency to take care of your Credential Evaluation, you are at the right place. Gulfline Group offers Transcript Evaluation services across all the internationally acclaimed universities in the USA and Canada, and several other countries across the globe.


  • Get valuable advice and support from the experts
  • Our professionals complete the validation procedure on your behalf
  • Assured timely delivery of your evaluated certificates and credentials


With a global presence through officers and business associates in various International locations, Gulfline Group works with several universities across the globe. Therefore, you can get your credentials evaluated well within the deadlines.


The reasons for getting your credentials evaluated:

Most of the students apply for the higher studies such as post-graduation courses, doctorate programs, research fellowships and so on, based on their basic qualification in the home country. Transcript Evaluation is not just the validation of your educational certificates; but also a process for compliance of your academic achievements as per the regulations of relevant universities. Similarly, in order to obtain a PR Visa, your evaluated credentials are among the mandatory documents or eligibility criteria for international students.


Gulfline Group deploys experienced and expert professionals to take care of your Credential Evaluation requirements. These talented agents handle all your educational credentials safely. They are familiar with the regulations of various universities. Thus, they offer Transcript Evaluation services well in time.


As Gulfline Group possesses impressive presence across various international locations including USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East region; you can avail Credential Evaluation services in a hassle-free manner.


Working with the experts always matters:

Gulfline Group has worked with hundreds of international students, job seekers planning to immigrate for better prospects, and many other kinds of immigrants so far. Gulfline Group is a pioneer in Transcript Evaluation services over a period of more than 20 years today. This is the preferred agency that has emerged as one stop solution for various documentation related requirements of international students and immigrants.


You can approach us for Certificate Attestation Services, Document Apostille Services, Transcript Evaluation through universities, and several other Embassy Services in UK and various other countries. The list of our satisfied clients is steadily growing. We keep customer satisfaction as our top priority and ensure timely delivery of academic credentials. Meanwhile, our executives honestly follow the procedures derived by the concerned universities. So, Gulfline Group can be the most reliable Credential Evaluation partner, to transform your dreams and aspirations into reality.


Regulations regarding Credential Evaluation:

It is mandatory to get your academic credentials attested from the authorities in the universities. Other officials such as professors, college affiliates and public notaries cannot validate your credentials.


  • To get your degree certificate evaluated from the university, you need to send a copy of the same. The original certificate may not be required.
  • The mark sheets you submit for evaluation must be issued either by autonomous institutions all the constituent colleges. These mark sheets can only be considered for evaluation for higher studies abroad.

The ideal procedure for evaluating your credentials:

As a client, you need to submit your credentials, the application for Credential Evaluation in the required format along with the fees. Our support agents reach out to the concerned universities for the further procedure. They submit the application along with the credentials to evaluate, on your behalf.


The universities evaluate your credentials, according to their regulations. Later, the universities are supposed to hand over the validated and attested documents to the concerned authority for the further procedure. However, in some cases, if the universities do not pass on the academic credentials; our executives would take care of submitting validated certificates for the final approval.


The time period required by the universities to evaluate your credentials may differ from university to university. Usually it takes 15 to 40 working days to complete the procedure of Credential Evaluation from various universities.


Get in touch with us to get your queries resolved to take your goals further:

Gulfline Group offers Transcript Evaluation services across various international locations, including the UK. You can get additional information about our service portfolio, or express your queries, by leaving a message on your left.


Our Customer Support Team would be readily accessible on phone calls or WhatsApp, using the following numbers. Our executives would get back to you shortly, to understand your documentation related needs and to let you know about the assistance we offer.

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Gulfline Group has an efficient team that has an excellent knowledge and track record in the field of credential evaluation services and has allowed clients to avail better employment opportunities in various sectors. It has enabled expats in availing opportunities in accordance with their educational qualifications and has ensured them to settle down easily.