In today’s modern world, Good Standing Certification has played a crucial role while recruiting clients in reputed firms and organizations and has had an important role in verifying the intent as well as credentials of the person.

The Good Standing Certificate also known by the name Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued by the Police Department only after conducting a thorough verification. When a person is issued a PCC Certificate, it means that the person does not have any existing criminal records in the country.

PCC Certificate acts as document that verifies the ethical and moral character of the person and helps the person to migrate to another country without any legal issues.



Nurses play a primary role in the healthcare system of the country and has been an able support to the citizens of the country during the situation of the pandemic. Good Standing Certificate is issued for Nurses as it helps to verify the credentials of the person applying for a job in foreign nations and helps to authenticate their identity.

Some of benefits for obtaining Good Standing Certification for Nurses are as follows

  • Generates a standardized system of recruitment and helps qualified candidates in getting their due.
  • Helps Nurses in facilitating easy migration to foreign countries.
  • Helps to verify the experience of the Nurses in various hospitals and their jurisdiction of residence.