Legal Notary Authentication Services in UK

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Assistance for true copy attestation

The documents and certificate attested by lawyers are done as per the rules and regulations of the Government of UK.

  • We help you getting your documents and certificates certified true copy notary attested as per UK regulations.
  • We deal with documentation and certification in more convenient and efficient way by following the regulations of UK Government.
  • We provide high quality professional services with reliable attestation standards.
  • We are associated with global partners, to get your certificate and documents legalised from most of the countries.

The document authentication process includes –

  1. Certified true copy notary in UK

When any document required legality related to their documents, we help them getting approval through Attestation, Legalization, Verification and Witness Authentication around UK.

The true copy certification is a copy of a primary document that adds endorsement or certificate that is true copy of the primary document, it also has some similarities of a notarized copy and used in particularly for UK and many other countries.

  1. Signature certificate

It is a legally binding document within the UK and beyond, it is used for cryptography to ensure the authenticity of the person and he can electronically sign any document.

  1. Witness certificate

One also needs an authorised witness certification and needs to bring the original document and photocopy with them for the witnesses to sight and sign.


Gulfline Group is a government approved agency with ISO 9001-2008 certification

The  certified true copy notary services in UK is the process of testifying your brand documents under oath along with the detailed appearance of your documents in front of government.  These documents assigned in front of lawyer by the applicant and then the lawyer puts his seal or signature on the document. The lawyer helps to deter fraud in front of state government by verifying the applicant’s identification with genuine witness. The true copy certification and notary services in UK process are different from all other countries.

We help you getting your documents, a power of attorney along with general attestation to prevent from fraud or theft.  The documents and certificates include school transfer certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificate, birth certificate, experience certificate, commercial documents and import – export documents.  .


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