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Australia is one of the most developed countries across the world that mandates the use of police clearance certificate and ensures a completely transparent system in recruitment of candidates, admission for higher education and ensures that clients do no not face any hassles in their professional career.


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The citizens of Australia can get PCC Certificate from Australian Federal Police (AFP) that is used to verify the criminal records of the person staying in Australia for the past six months . It is mainly used to verify the background and also assures the credibility of the person .This document is mandatory for person that  are applying for foreign visas or wishes to do business in a foreign country .



  • It helps to do a complete background check of the person in front of the concerned authorities.
  • It enables a transparency of the persons and allows better network while dealing in legal matters
  • It helps the students while seeking admission in different universities in terms of higher education
  • It facilitates ease in opening up of opportunities in foreign while seeking employment.



  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)Checklist
  • List of the documents that is to be submitted
  • Submission of Application form


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