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Canada is one of the most preferred destinations by clients all across the globe for different sectors such as information technology, hospitality, engineering, and financial services. This makes PCC Certificate mandatory in Canada as it helps to put forward a good image of the person before the concerned authorities.


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 The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) verifies that the concerned person is not having any criminal cases charged against them .They are popularly called as Good conduct certificates or Judicial record certificate . This certificate is mainly issued to candidates who have attained eighteen years of age. It is a certificate manadatoy for person seeking employment , students etc . It is also known popularly as Certified Criminal Record check and is used to verify the credentials of the concerned person .



  • It is major document that is used to verify the credentials of the person .
  • It gives a thorough background check and verifies their criminal history if any
  • It helps in obtaining visa for foreign countries and also availing the educational services of other countries.
  • It gives a sense of security regarding the person to the concerned authorities
  • It can help to give a clear -cut history of the person and their entire details .


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