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Kuwait is one of the best nations in the world that mandates the use of PCC Certificate and ensures that clients do not face any sort of unnecessary hassles in their professional career. It helps clients across the world to avail different legal services and ensures that a sense of genuinity and security is maintained without any hassles.


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A Kuwait PCC plays an important role in verifying the background of the person and determines whether the person is having any pending criminal cases in the country. It helps various people from different parts of the world in applying for jobs that directly comes under the surveillance of government and helps them in selecting capable and deserving candidates.




The main advantages of Kuwait PCC is that helps it to authenticate the credibility of the person legally.

  • The PCC can be used to verify character of the person before the concerned authority of the country he is migrating to.
  • The PCC is issued by the General Department of Criminal Evidence ,Kuwait in order to verify the person looking to obtain Permanent Residency (PR).
  • It helps the person to obtain a long term visa in Kuwait for employment as well as business purposes
  • It helps the person in starting of the business in a foreign country as a PCC certificate verifies the credentials of the person .
  • The PCC clearance is extremely important in terms of seeking employment that involves international conduct.




  • A Request letter from the individual employer must be produced
  • The reason for PCC should be mentioned
  • The fingerprints of both hands hands are mandatory
  • The passport size photographs as well as copies of passport are required to be submitted
  • The Kuwaiti ID Card as well as Work Visa should be submitted to concerned authorities.




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