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PCC Certification is one of the most availed services in Malaysia and it is mandatory for everyone working in a company under government surveillance. It ensures that clients do not face any hassles in their professional career and ensures equal access to every person. The PCC Certificate also helps a great deal in giving an idea about the credentials of the person.

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The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)is used by Malaysia Police . It is also known by other names such as Good Conduct certificate as well as known as Certificate off clearance.

Malaysia PCC is required for countries such as Canada , USA , Newzealand , Australia etc . It is an important document in terms of Work Permit and Job Visa . The PCC Certificate verifies the credibility as well as the background of the person . The PCC Certificate is an assurance issued by the Malaysian Police certifying that the concerned person ihas not partaken in any criminal activity in the country .



  • The PCC Certificate can be legally used for different purposes in emigrating to a foreign nation
  • It serves as a document that can be used as conduct certificate of the person from their country of origin
  • It can be used by students in procuring admission in foreign universities
  • It can serve as a legal document while seeking employment opportunities in another country
  • It helps the person in legally obtaining a Business Visa in a foreign country.



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