Good Standing Certificate Oman


Oman is a nation that is strategically located in the Persian Gulf and is connected to different parts of the world which in turn helps them them in developing their local businesses and attracting investments. PCC Certificate in Oman is mandatory for foreign citizens working in different sectors as it helps to reveal the true identity of the person and authenticates their credentials.

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Police Clearance Certificate in Oman is an important document that is provided to residents who have stayed in the country for atleast one year who wishes to migrate to a foreign country for employment or economic purpose.

The PCC Certificate is used to clarify whether the individual has indulged in any unlawful activity during his stay in the country .A PCC Certificate is extremely useful when migrating to other countries as it helps to verify and authenticate the background of the person upto a large extent . It also helps in seeking business visas as a PCC Certificates is a recognisable evidence to determine and verify the credentials of the person.



  • A PCC Certificate is mandatory in joining a job in any other foreign country.
  • It serves as an important document for migration
  • It also helps in obtaining family visa as well in availing for higher studies in foreign countries.
  • It is mandatory for businessmen aspiring to set up their firms in a foreign country.



  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa
  • Oman ID Card (Not compulsory)
  • One Passport Size Photograph



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