Oman Good Standing Certificate (PCC)

The Police Clearance Certificate is also known as the Certificate of Good Conduct because it is the proof of your behavior and non-violence in the country. Police Clearance Certificate Oman is issued to the residents and non-residents of Oman by the Oman police.

The Certificate of Good Conduct is issued to the people for various purposes like:-

  • Setting up and practicing business at a commercial level outside the area
  • Immigration
  • Joining some academic Institute like Universities etc.
  • Job of Tourist Guide
  • Other purposes

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The relevance of Police Clearance Certificate multiplies when you go overseas from your native country. Achieving a Police Clearance Certificate is necessary as this certificate is the whole sole proof of your innocence, better code of conduct and sophisticated behavior. The certificate stands for clearance for your character as well as your behavior and you as a non-criminal in the country. Simply, we can say that the police clearance certificate is live and authentic proof of your innocence and your character clarity. Before issuing the certificate, the police adhere to the script patterns of the investigation. The background and the history of that person are investigated by the police to ensure his innocence. Furthermore there are checks on the records and behavioural responses etc. which ensures that the person is not accused of any crime ever.

The Police Clearance Certificate holders are having bonafide proofs in their hands to show their genuineness and no accusations of crime. The police clearance certificate becomes easy to get if you have ever worked in Oman or have visited in that area. The non-guilty assurance remarks you as non-criminal and the one who has never did any crime in his entire life.

The pre-requisite to apply for the police clearance certificate is-

  • Copies  of Passport( All sealed pages and visa copies)
  • Letter of Request
  • Passport Size Photographs – 3
  • PCC Undertaking form
  • First entry, last entry and last exit dates

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