Saudi Arabia Good Standing Certificate


Saudi Arabia mandates the use of PCC Certificate for availing any sort of services in the field of business, employment and education. It plays a key role in revealing the true intent as well as identity of the person working in different sectors. It helps expat population in availing different legal services and allows them to legally settle down in their professional career.


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Police Clearance Certificate is an official archive that is issued by police or government office of a nation to count any criminal records that the candidate might possibly have. If you follow the right procedures with right information, there is no big deal to get it. Here, Gulf line Group has relevant facilities especially our Saudi staff operators are expertise employees. We try our best to give pertained services to the people who reside in their own Kingdom.

As we know there are ongoing changes realized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and vast scale fluctuations in the work part has caused outstanding issue unrest in the lives of a great many expats in the kingdom. A large number of people left with no decision to come back to their separate home nations. This certificate is seemed to be taken by the expatriates who are very nearly leaving Saudi Arabia on Final exit.

Being an expert with 20+ years of professional service, we can assist on such individual’s destination so that each and every one can fulfill their dreams. It is a common fact that Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate is mandatory for expatriates, who have planned to migrate
Various countries like UK, Canada, USA etc. in future.

If you are planning for migration, final exit then please let us know because there is a deep procedure to get it. Our services are applicable for both candidates who are Residing or Non-residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Required Documents are mentioned below:-

  • Finger print
  • Passport copies (All sealed pages, visa copies)
  • Iqama number/ Iqama copy
  • Passport size photos – 4 No’s
  • PCC  Authorization & Undertaking form
  • Application form

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Over the years, Gulfline Group has been a front runner in ensuring the best services in PCC Certification and enables a helping hand for expat population to avail services in the field of education, entrepreneurship and business.