Good Standing Certificate South Africa


PCC Certification in South Africa provides a basis for availing legal services in the nation and provides a source of security as well as guarantee of the concerned person. The PCC Certificate is extremely  important for procuring different services that comes under governmental surveillance and ensures that clients are provided a level playing field.


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The PCC Certification is extremely important for persons that wishes to migrate to a foreign country for employment , business or higher studies . The PCC Certification is an official document that is issued by the Crime Reord and Crime Scene Management (CR & CSM) to indicate whether any criminal record has been registered against the individual . It acts as a legalising document in order to verify the credentials of the person and their background.


  • The applicant for PCC must have stayed in the country for a period of 12 months .
  • It is an important and mandatory documents in emigration to a foreign country
  • For anyone looking to obtain South African visa , it is mandatory to obtain the PCC Certificate from the country he resided over the last 12 months .
  • PCC Certification is mandatory for students opting for higher education in various international universities .
  • PCC Certification can also be done outside the nation by visiting the nearest South African Embassy.


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