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USA is a global leader in the world of business, trade ,commerce and industries and has served as a global hub of opportunities for people across the world. The PCC Certificate is a mandatory document in USA for pursuing higher education, employment, setting up business etc and ensures in providing an equal opportunities for clients to deliver success in different avenues.


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The Police Clearance Certificate is issued  by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to authenticate and verify the credentials of the person . It is also referred to as the complete background check of a person and also to check the background of the concerned person . It serves as an authorising certificate in various affairs and helps in number of purposes such as education , emigration etc.



  • The PCC Certificate verifies the background of the person which helps in matter such as obtaining visas of foreign country
  • It also serves as an authentication for students opting to study in different universities across the globe
  • It serves as an identity card while obtaining business visas in foreign countries



  • The prescribed application form
  • Set of fingerprints of the concerned person
  • Self attested photocopy of current passport
  • Social security number (If any)


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