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Are you looking for the most reliable PRO (Mandoob) Services in Bahrain? We offer a wide range of Bahrain PRO services throughout Bahrain.

  • We offer PRO Services for critical immigration related documents, drafting, translation and attestation of various important documents and legal contracts at the unbeatable prices.
  • Our talented and committed professionals and the clientele in Bahrain make sure that our clients would get prompt PRO Services.
  • Our corporate clients and the expatriates can choose discounted annual plans and take advantage of our PRO (Mandoob) Services on a long term.

Let us take a look at our diversified PRO Services in Bahrain and understand how our clients can be benefitted working with our professional team.

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The Best PRO / Mandoob Services in Bahrain

If you are an interested expatriate looking to migrate to Bahrain for a long term employment opportunity, or a corporate house planning to start your operations in Bahrain, and looking for the best Public Relation Officer Services; you are at the right place. We offer business related document work, attestation of the important documents and much more coordinating with the authorities in Bahrain since more than last two decades. We assure timely, reliable and honest service to our clients globally and that is the reason; we have earned the reputation of being the most preferred Bahrain Mandoob service provider.We have deployed the most prompt and talented team of expert professionals that are well versed with the procedures and regulations to accomplish the documentation work at various levels. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we offer the best of PRO Services beyond the expectations of our clients. We handle various formalities related to the Visa allocation for the expatriates as well as the corporate.


FCO guide to Legalisation of documents and procuring Apostille Certificates

FCO has the authority to legalize documents and issue an Apostille. Legalization of documents involves getting a certificate of genuineness from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the stamps and signatures in the document are authentic. On the other hand, issuance of an Apostille certificate exempts it from legalization and is accepted by all the signatories of the Apostille Treaty. In certain cases, a document needs to be both legalized and has an apostille certificate attached to it.

Guide to Utilizing FCO Legalisation from the UK

FCO legalisation service has a simple process to get the documents authenticated. It can be easily understood by every person and implemented.

Here is the guide to utilizing the legislation services offered by FCO.

  • Submit the documents which the FCO offers for legislation. Make sure to submit all the details required.
  • Check whether all the required paperwork is complete.
  • Make the requisite payments through business cheques, post orders, or online payment channels.
  • Download the application from the FCO website, fill it, and mail it to FCO along with the requisite documents.

License Registration

Businesses require various additional licenses that need to be obtained in a timeframe.


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