PRO/Mandoob Services in Oman

The Gulfline Group would be your trusted government liaison partners being the professional PRO (Mandoob) Services in Oman catering your almost every need regarding the important documents.

  • Immigration to Oman for different terms of employment and business reasons requires completion of various legal formalities. We offer a wide range of Oman PRO or Mandoob Services such as documentation related services like attestation, translation and much more.
  • For more than last two decades, we have developed a network of talented and motivated individuals in Oman working with us to serve our esteemed clients.
  • We believe in long-lasting professional ties, and that is the reason; our esteemed corporate clients can avail discounted annual packages for their PRO Service requirements.

Let us take a look at the wide range of PRO / Mandoob services offered by us and the extensive benefits to our clients.

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The Best PRO/Mandoob Service in Oman

Being one of the most reputed names in the industry, Gulfline Group is serving the individual and corporate clients to cater their various documentation-related requirements co-coordinating with the Oman authorities. Whether you are an enthusiast looking forward to kick start your dream career in Oman through a long-term employment opportunity or a top notch corporate willing to start your business operations in Oman; we assure you the best of PRO / Mandoob Services deploying the best workforce to get your legal documents attested, translated and typed within the minimal possible time frame.

Our team of expert professionals works within the framework of the local laws on behalf of our clients. The tedious task of coordination and follow-up with the government authorities would be accomplished in a truly hassle free manner when it is assigned to us. Our yearly plans and the charges for occasional services are the most competitive as well.

We offer PRO or Mandoob Services for the individuals as well as companies.

PRO or Mandoob Services in Oman for Expatriates:

Oman attracts the people from across the world through the rewarding employment opportunities. Right from the labour class to the top rank engineers and officers would be employed. At the same time, they need a helping hand to let their families arrive in Oman to live with them. We take care of the documentation needs for the interested expatriates and simplify the process of their own and the families’ immigration and Residence Permit from the concerned Oman Government Authorities.

This is the list of some featured Oman PRO or Mandoob Services offered to the expatriates:

Services for the families:

  • The Health Certificate for the individuals provided by the Medical Commission
  • Biometric identification through fingerprinting
  • Legal Contracts
  • Translation Services in Arabic
  • Family Visa & renewal

Services for the working class:

  • Obtaining Visa for the housemaids and renewal
  • Residence Permits and renewal
  • Work Visa or Visit Visa and the renewal process

PRO or Mandoob Services in Oman for Corporates:

The best PROs deployed by the Gulfline Group prominently take up a wide range of tasks on behalf of the corporate clients. At Gulfline Group, our aim is to work on behalf of the corporates to minimize their time and efforts required to complete the legal formalities and extensive documentation required at various stages including the formation of the company, manpower hiring and much more. For our client companies, we offer discounted corporate price for PRO Services in Oman. The subscription can be obtained and renewed with us on an annual basis.

Here is the list of some of our specialized PRO or Mandoob Services in Oman for the companies:

Registration services:

  • Registration of Company and Trademark registration for any products
  • Attestation of Registration documents
  • Chamber of commerce registration
  • Typing, Translation & Attestation of the variety of legal documents.

Changes and renewal:

  • Making desired changes in the official documents of the companies along with the attestation of the same
  • Alterations in the Partnership Deed & Memorandum of Association
  • Changes in the names and increasing the capital amount

Renewal of Municipal documents and Chamber of Commerce subscriptions

Human Resource related documentation:

  • Recruitment of Human Resource for the companies
  • Labour Contracts and their renewals
  • Issuing Work Permit to the employees sponsored by the company

Traffic-related documents:

  • Car ownership transfer
  • Permission for passing transport vehicles

Feel free to express your concerns and queries:

We, at Gulfline Group take pride in helping our clients through the wide range of PRO / Mandoob Services in various nations, mainly in the Middle East Territory. You can obtain additional information about our prompt services, filling up the enquiry form provided on the left. You can briefly specify your requirements and important matters of concern.
Otherwise, you can also feel free to get in touch with us through any of the following modes of communication. The Customer Care Representatives from the Gulfline Group would be always happy to help you, and they would respond to your queries promptly. You can also reach us in WhatsApp, using the provided numbers for added convenience.