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UAE is the cosmopolitan country in the Middle East region that attracts expatriates by most rewarding career opportunities and the corporates to set up their businesses. The tedious and time consuming process of documentation for immigration and several other company affairs is simplified by the Gulfline Group. We take pride in offering a wide range of PRO (Mandoob) Services in United Arab Emirates.

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Why choose us?

We are the leading name in providing PRO Services in UAE:

  • We offer a wide range of Public Relation Officer Services to our clients when it comes to getting the Visas, various Immigration clearances, important documentation, translation and attestation of the documents as well.
  • Our most talented team members get the documents prepared and attested from the concerned authorities in the UAE on behalf of the clients. Our esteemed clientele in the country also helps in getting the things done at a faster pace.
  • We offer discounted yearly corporate plans and packages for our corporate clients, so that they can enjoy the benefits of our services and have a long-lasting association with us.

Let us take a close look at the diversified PRO (Mandoob) Services in UAE.

The Best PRO / Mandoob Services in UAE

Our recognized agency, Gulfline Group, takes great pride in bringing the PRO Services in UAE for our esteemed clients with a great deal of convenience. The clients that can be the expatriates looking to relocate to UAE for long term employment for better prospects; and the business houses planning to launch their ventures in UAE can rest assured that their diversified PRO objectives would be accomplished well in time and charging the most reasonable fees through us. So far, we have remained the most preferred PRO Service provider in the international market for more than twenty years and since our establishment, we have assisted thousands of individuals and companies to meet their goals through our honest Public Relation Officer Services on the global scale. Arranging Visa for the employees hired by the companies from the overseas, the Visa for the spouse and other family members of the expatriates, Municipality approvals, and important documents related to Foreign Affairs and much more would be organized by our professional team within almost no time. Our team retains the reputation by accomplishing the tasks assigned to them with respect to the local regulations and would also respect the time of the clients. So, our clients can assign the documentation-related tasks to our team, sit back and relax as our team completes the work reliably and speedily.

Gulfline Group offers Dubai Mandoob Services for the interested expatriate and the corporate as well:

PRO or Mandoob Services in UAE for the expatriates:

For the individuals that are new in UAE, it can be a tedious and laborious task to get the necessary documentation, its translation and attestation accomplished in time. However, our clients can rest assured that Gulfline Group would serve as their reliable Public Relationship Partner and would get the complicated work accomplished on behalf of them utilizing the reputation, contacts and effective adherence to the regulations in the concerned localities. The expatriates can get the necessary documents to take the family members along with them legally.

PRO Services offered by Gulfline Group in UAE for the expatriates:

Attestation Services:

  • Attestation of Personal documents including the Birth certificate, Marriage certificate and so on.
  • Attestation of Professional documents such as Educational degree, Health certificate, Employment certificate etc.
  • Fingerprints for biometric identification and authentication.
  • Drafting, translation in Arabic, typing and attestation of various important documents and legal contracts.

Visa related services: 

  • Provision of Visa for spouse, kids, relatives and friends
  • Visa services for housemaids
  • Renewal and stamping of Visa
  • Any changes in Visa.

PRO or Mandoob Services in UAE for the corporate:

We, at Gulfline Group, offer total solution for Mandoob services in UAE to assist the corporate houses and various types and sizes of businesses. Whether you are a company planning to launch the ventures and operations in UAE, or you might be already established in the country; you would require comprehensive assistance to get various important documents and legal agreements processed, attested and translated from the subsequent government authorities in UAE. The list of our satisfied corporate clients is steadily growing as our team of professionals completes the job with a great deal of expertise and transparency, striking a balance among the expected time frame for the work and obeying the rules enforced by the authorities in UAE.

This is the list of some of PRO / Mandoob Services In  UAE for corporate:

Our Mandoob services in UAE concerned with company formation:

  • Drafting, translation, typing and attestation of company formation documents.
  • Endorsing the changes in the names of the partners and the capital amount.
  • Renewal of various important documents.
  • Trademark Registration and registration of products in UAE.
  • Approvals from municipality

Employment related documentation services:

  • Labor contract drafting and renewal
  • Work permit for the employees hired by the companies
  • Recruitment of employees and their Visa
  • Traffic related services such as transfer of vehicle ownership, parking license and approvals for passing trucks.

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