World Education Services (WES)

World Education services is a credential evaluation, in which your academic accomplishments are assessed as per the standards in the U.S or Canada, which helps Universities, Colleges, Employers, Competent Authorities to understand the applicants educational background and further select them for admission or employment and also helps to prove the validity and authenticity of your documents .

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World Education Services (WES) and Credential Evaluation

World Education Services (WES) evaluates more than 200,000 credentials per year by authenticating and defining foreign education. World Education Services (WES) does business with thousands of universities, proprietary educations and colleges, providing credential evaluations and aid in international student recruitment. Getting WES verification done from universities is an onerous and complex task if the candidate is from another country. World Education Services (WES) promotes and advances global mobility and integration of people into academic and professional settings.

Academic credentials are valuable qualifications that you earned from formerly attended educational institution. Credential Evaluations helps the candidate to achieve recognition for their academics with the help of an expert analysis, by analyzing the candidate’s national education degree to provide an American or Canadian equivalent.

Additional Details
Document Translation:- This is to be noted by those candidates whose Academic Transcripts are not issued in English, hence WES recommends word to word translations in such a case and can approach a certified translation agency.

Documents Required for WES

Here is the list of required documents. Photocopies of all the below mentioned documents are to be submitted.

  • University or Educational Institution original certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Mark Sheets
  • Provisional Certificate
  • Passport
  • Address Proof
  • Recent passport size photo

Procedure for WES

  • Upon the submission of the documents and applicable fees, We will verify and authenticate the document, prepare a detailed application based on the Reputation of the Educational Institution, the Curriculum and Content of the candidate’s programme and submit to the desired university for verification of the candidate’s certificates.
  • Once the Verification Report is handed over by the university, it must be sent to WES office in a sealed envelope, for further procedures to take place.
  • We should also note that if the name on your application differs from the name that appears on your academic transcripts or other documents, this could cause delay in the evaluation process.
  • The time-period for the entire process varies at different universities.


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